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Monetization Platform Dashboard Characterization and Design


I led the characterization and design of a dashboard for a monetization platform, allowing app owners to efficiently manage video advertisements in PUSH notifications. This project focused on creating an intuitive and visually appealing dashboard to cater to the needs of app owners seeking to maximize their monetization potential.


As the UX/UI designer, my role involved collaborating closely with the platform owner and developers to characterize the dashboard’s features and design an interface that aligns with the overall branding and user experience goals.

Tools and Technologies Used

The design process was executed using Figma, enabling seamless collaboration and real-time feedback.

Problem Statement

The challenge was to create a dashboard that empowers app owners to manage video advertisements effectively while ensuring a user-friendly and visually engaging experience.

Design and Process

Feature Characterization:

Collaborated with the platform owner and developers to understand the key features app owners needed for managing video advertisements in PUSH notifications.

User-Centric Design Principles:

Applied user-centric design principles to ensure that the dashboard provided an intuitive and efficient experience for app owners.

Inspiration from Industry Standards:

Gathered inspiration from industry-standard dashboard designs, identifying key elements that contribute to effective user interaction and decision-making.

Unique Dashboard Design:

Merged gathered inspiration with unique design elements, ensuring the dashboard aligned with the platform’s overall branding and spirit.

Iterative Design Feedback:

Presented design iterations to the platform owner and developers for feedback, allowing for iterative adjustments and refinement.

Collaboration with Developers:

Worked closely with developers to ensure the practical implementation of design elements, considering functionality and feasibility.

Collaboration with Developers:

Worked closely with developers and the platform owner throughout the design process, ensuring that the vision translated effectively into the final product.


The collaborative design process, involving the platform owner and developers, resulted in a dashboard that met the needs of app owners for efficient management of video advertisements in PUSH notifications.


The dashboard successfully provides app owners with a powerful tool to manage their monetization strategies. Its user-friendly interface, informed by industry standards and unique design elements, contributes to a positive user experience.

Key Takeaways

This project emphasized the importance of user-centric design, collaboration with stakeholders, and drawing inspiration from industry standards. The iterative design process allowed for continuous improvement based on feedback.


The characterization and design of the monetization platform’s dashboard reflect my commitment to creating effective and visually appealing interfaces. This project not only meets the specific needs of app owners but also highlights my ability to design dashboards that enhance user experience and align with overall branding objectives.