Dynamic Ad Dashboard for Podcast Monetization


I spearheaded the Characterization and designof a dashboard tailored for podcasters, aiming to optimize monetization through dynamic advertisements. The innovative approach allows for non-permanent ad placements, enabling users to switch or update ads for each episode.


In my pivotal role, I actively participated in the dashboard’s conceptualization, focusing on user personas and their specific needs. This involved collaboratively deciding on essential features and ensuring their intuitive accessibility. I subsequently crafted a comprehensive design language for the entire system. Throughout the project, maintaining a continuous dialogue with the development team was paramount to align the platform precisely with the defined characterization and design.

Tools and Technologies Used

The design process primarily involved Figma, facilitating seamless collaboration and iteration.

Problem Statement

The challenge was to create a user-friendly dashboard that maximizes monetization opportunities for podcasters by integrating dynamic advertisements. The aim was to empower users to easily manage and update their ad content without altering the core podcast episodes.


Our approach began with detailed user flows for each persona, defining the ideal journey within the dashboard. This laid the foundation for a rough screen design, which underwent thorough scrutiny and received approval from stakeholders. Subsequently, we delved into the UI design phase, culminating in a polished result that met the project objectives.

Design Process

User Flow

Created distinct user flows for each persona, ensuring an understanding of their unique requirements and optimal pathways.

Rough Screen Design

Initiated the design process with rough screen layouts to visualize the initial concept and gather feedback from relevant stakeholders.

Full UI Design

Transitioned to a comprehensive UI design phase, refining the screens to produce the final, user-centric result

Design Process

Working in close collaboration with the development team, the envisioned dashboard was implemented, maintaining fidelity to the agreed-upon characterization and design principles.


The dynamic ad dashboard now empowers podcasters to effortlessly manage their ad content, leading to enhanced monetization opportunities.

Key Takeaways

This project reinforced the importance of collaboration, iterative design, and adaptability in achieving successful outcomes. Valuable insights were gained into creating user-centric platforms for content creators.