Integrated Dashboard and Website Development for Podcast Monetization




UXUI, Development

About project

A Unified Approach to Enhance User Engagement and Monetization

In tandem with developing a dynamic ad dashboard tailored for podcasters, I undertook the design of a compelling website to effectively communicate the platform’s benefits to the target audience. This included crafting a visually engaging interface and creating a seamless user experience to attract potential users and investors. The goal was to create a cohesive and integrated online presence that enhances both user engagement and monetization opportunities.

My Role

Dual Responsibility in Design and Development

Role: Bridging Design and Development for a Cohesive Platform

Simultaneously, I managed both the design and development of a captivating website and the dynamic ad dashboard for podcasters. The website aimed to effectively communicate the platform’s benefits using a visually engaging interface and seamless user experience. The dashboard was designed to optimize monetization through dynamic advertisements, allowing for non-permanent ad placements that users can switch or update for each episode. Development was executed using WordPress Elementor, adding a dynamic and interactive layer to the design.

Tools and Technologies Used

Tools and Technologies: Leveraging Advanced Tools for Optimal Results

Design: Figma

Development: WordPress Elementor & CSS & HTML

Problem Statement:

Addressing Aesthetic and Functional Needs

Problem Statement: Creating a User-Friendly and Visually Appealing Platform

The challenge was to create a website that not only aesthetically represented the platform but also effectively communicated its functionalities, benefits, and the value it brings to podcasters. Additionally, the dashboard needed to be user-friendly, enabling podcasters to manage and update their ad content easily without altering the core podcast episodes. Integrating dynamic and interactive features to enhance user engagement was a crucial component of the project.


Detailed Planning and Iterative Design

Solution: From Concept to Completion with a User-Centric Approach

Our approach began with detailed user flows for each persona, defining the ideal journey within the dashboard and the website. This laid the foundation for a rough screen design, which underwent thorough scrutiny and received approval from stakeholders. We then delved into the UI design phase, culminating in a polished result that met the project objectives. The dynamic elements implemented using WordPress Elementor contributed to a compelling online presence.


Enhanced User Experience and Monetization Opportunities

The resulting website not only visually encapsulates the essence of the podcast monetization platform but also provides an interactive and engaging user experience. The dynamic ad dashboard now empowers podcasters to effortlessly manage their ad content, leading to enhanced monetization opportunities. The cohesive integration of visual elements and functionality ensures a unified and compelling platform for users and investors alike.