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eCommerce B2B2C Application -
UXUI Designer at Startup


I worked as a UXUI designer at a startup specializing in an eCommerce B2B2C application targeted at small and medium businesses. The platform aimed to empower business owners to establish customer clubs, fostering direct communication with customers. On the consumer side, it provided updates on desired products across the country, allowing direct contact with sellers.


In my role as a UXUI designer, I played a crucial part in shaping the visual and interactive aspects of the application. My responsibility was to strike a balance between creating an engaging, visually appealing interface, as requested by the startup founders, and ensuring accessibility for a diverse user base.

Tools and Technologies Used

Figma served as the primary tool for the design process, facilitating collaborative design, real-time feedback, and seamless iteration.

The Challenge

The primary challenge was to harmonize the founders’ desire for an interactive and visually appealing interface with the need for accessibility. Balancing these elements was crucial to creating a platform that not only attracted users but also catered to the diverse needs of both business owners and consumers.

User Story

As a UXUI designer at the startup, my journey began with understanding the dual nature of the application – serving both business owners and consumers. Through collaborative discussions with stakeholders, I delved into the intricacies of the eCommerce B2B2C model, focusing on the unique value proposition of establishing direct communication channels between businesses and consumers.

Persona Identification:

Identified key personas, including business owners seeking customer engagement tools and consumers searching for product updates.

Persona Identification:

Worked on incorporating interactive design elements to enhance the user experience, ensuring that the interface was not only visually appealing but also engaging for both business owners and consumers.


My role as a UXUI designer in this startup project highlighted my ability to navigate the complexities of a B2B2C eCommerce application. Balancing the founders’ aspirations for an engaging interface with the necessity for accessibility resulted in a design that not only meets user needs but also aligns with the startup’s overarching goals.