Landscape design

Boutique Gardens Website Characterization, Design, and Development


I led the characterization, design, and development of a website for a company specializing in establishing boutique gardens with a rustic flair. The website showcases a variety of projects undertaken by the company, emphasizing the unique aesthetics of each boutique garden.


My multifaceted role encompassed the entire process, from understanding the client’s vision to characterizing, designing, and ultimately developing the website. The goal was to create an online presence that authentically represented the company’s identity and showcased their portfolio of boutique gardens.

Tools and Technologies Used

The project utilized Figma for the characterization and design phases, while WordPress and Elementor were employed for website development.

Problem Statement

The primary challenge was to create a website that captured the rustic and boutique essence of the gardens without conveying a sales-oriented feeling. The client emphasized minimal “call-to-action” buttons, posing a challenge in encouraging user interaction while avoiding a sales-driven approach.


The project commenced with extensive client meetings to understand their vision and desired perception among the target audience. The characterization phase, although challenging due to specific client requirements, laid the groundwork for a unique and tailored design. Selecting branding colors aligned with the rustic theme preceded the website design, ensuring a cohesive visual identity.

Design and Development Process

Client Meetings and Requirements Gathering:

Collaboratively defined the client’s needs and vision for the website, ensuring alignment with their brand identity.

Characterization Phase:

Overcame challenges in the characterization phase, incorporating the client’s specific requirements while maintaining a cohesive and authentic representation of the boutique gardens.

Branding Color Selection:

Identified new branding colors suitable for the brand, ensuring they complemented the rustic aesthetic.

Website Design:

Leveraged Figma to design a website that authentically portrayed the company’s portfolio of boutique gardens, incorporating the chosen branding elements.

Website Development:

Implemented the design using WordPress and Elementor, ensuring a user-friendly and visually appealing website.


The developed website successfully reflects the rustic charm of boutique gardens while adhering to the client’s desire for minimalistic sales-oriented elements.

Challenges Faced

The challenge of creating a non-salesy website that still encourages user interaction was met through thoughtful design and strategic placement of contact prompts.


The website effectively captures the essence of the boutique gardens, encouraging user engagement without overwhelming them with sales-driven elements. It serves as a visual showcase of the company’s portfolio.

Key Takeaways

This project highlighted the importance of balancing client-specific requests with design principles to create a visually appealing and authentic online presence.


The characterization, design, and development of the boutique gardens website underscore my ability to translate client visions into engaging digital experiences. This project not only showcases the beauty of the boutique gardens but also reflects my commitment to creating authentic and user-friendly online platforms.